Tennant FAQ


If you'd like to view a property from our listings, we will show you over the property and answer any questions you may have. we guide you through the process from start to finish. and the grading system will help you choose the standard you want.

Lease Agreements

The lease agreement is a legally binding document. The tenants risks losing their security deposit if they break and terms and conditions. If the tenant leaves the property before tenancy ends the landlord may pursue him/her for the balance of the rent due under the terms of the agreement and may sue him /her for damages. Notice to quit must be given in writing with 1 months notice.

Rent Relief

Tenants in full time employment are entitled to rent relief. Contact this office or the revenue office for application forms.Tax relief is also available for refuse charges.

Stamp Duty

If the rent exceeds €30,000.71 p.a. the tenant must pay 1% Stamp Duty of the annual rent (plus a €12.70 stamping charge).